Ned Shannon is a graphic designer and artist from Melbourne, Australia. He completed a Bachelor of Communication Design at Monash University in 2019. He has previously worked for Studio SP—GD and is also one quarter of Melbourne/Berlin based studio for design No Clients with Robert Janes, Beaziyt Worcou and Samuel Heatley. He is also a member of Shop and Dwelling. Full CV available here. Get in touch here.

Typeface: 'Sometimes' by Wei Huang
Site Build: Robert Janes.


‘Fair Exchange’ is an ongoing project by No Clients that attempts to investigate the value or non-value of cultural objects, as well as alternative modes of economy and distribution. Initially centred around books in an art book fair context, ‘Fair Exchange Online’ points toward an online model of dispersion that extends into the potential of a gift economy and decentralised ownership.

An engraved brass plaque installed on a park bench in the rose garden at St. Kilda Botanical Gardens honoring myself.

Ongoing art direction for Melbourne based label Tiny Town Records


Fair Exchange was a project initiated by No Clients and commissioned by the National Gallery of Victoria for the 2019 Melbourne Art Book Fair. Attendees of the fair were invited to bring along a book to trade in exchange for a selection of books accumulated from other participating stalls and the NGV bookstore. The project aimed to highlight the value and non-value of books and also explore the distribution of books as not only art or objects, but as forms of currency. Emile Zile, Danielle Reynolds and Erick Mitsak were invited to be the official appraisers of Fair Exchange, deciding whether to approve or reject trades while determining the varying market conditions at play and the eventual market crash that happened in the last 30 minutes of trading resulting in all the books being given away for free. Photography: Tobias Titz

No Clients' contribution to the 2019 Seventh Gallery Annual Fundraiser Exhibition "Systems of Value". Visitors were asked to fill out the form in response to a work of their choice.

The Call of Nature is a service that provides an opportunity to listen in on the sounds of either Forest Park, Minnewaska State Park Preserve or Rockaway Beach. Each hotline number was linked to an iPhone which had been set to auto-answer and placed in location for 24 hours. Posters were distributed throughout New York in lead up to the temporarily active hotline service. Completed at Endless Editions Copy Shop residency in New York, 2019.


Meals in Seals is an ongoing project where I share a meal with people through an international mail service.

People I have shared a meal with:
Amelia Akanni (London)
Gaelle Cordeau (Montreal)
Robert Janes (Berlin)
Grace Hurley (New York)

A (post)collaboration with the City of Yarra in homage to the music genre 'Musique Concrète'


DJ (T)Fool is a free MP3 download sample for DJs to use in their sets. DJ (T)Fool is the full recorded length of an airhorn (1 minute, 34 seconds) and can simply be played over an existing track for hype purposes or alternatively mixed in as a complete song.

Poster pack published by No Clients and launched at the 2017 Melbourne Art Book Fair.

What would the MPavilion flag look like? Is it an opinion? A political statement? A logo? An artwork? How does it function? What is its purpose? In this workshop No Clients invited participators to explore how design, branding and identity can influence the way we interact with the world around us and the ways a flag can encompass the ideas, values and principles of a community, corporation, institution or even a country.


Does graphic design intended for the ‘real’ world have the ability to effectively communicate when placed in an exhibition space (specifically the white cube as the modernists utopian space.)”?” Exhibited at the 2016 Mada Now Graduate Show. Thank you to Ziga Testen, Brad Haylock, Domonic Hofstede, Jon Sueda, Maki Zuzuki, Stuart Geddes, Adam Cruikshank and Sam de Grott for your kind assistance with my research. Research document available on request.

A short commercial for Australian based clothing retailer Rivers, advertising a sale on their Summer Clogs.

The weight of the National Gallery of Victoria’s archival exhibition ephemera from the Shaw Research Library is presented alongside some key factors that may or may not have influenced the amount of material collected for each year. The reader is encouraged to make assumptions about the reasons behind the varying weight. Presented at the Melbourne Art Book Fair 2016. The project was acquired by the Shaw Research Library in the National Gallery of Victoria and now sits in their archive.

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