Accidental House Numbers


Accidental House Numbers, 2016
Sadle stiched booklet / 148 x 210 mm / 28 pages / Website
Accidental house numbers is a collaborative archive that celebrates the mishaps of the home owner, tradesman and mother nature. It embraces and takes advantage of the art of the everyday with an interest in collection, arrangement, organisation and distribution. House numbers have long been an object prone to D.I.Y. customisation and are often a way to impose a certain feeling or look to a house whether hand drawn, written in words or made extremely large to act as a stylistic feature. How and where they are placed can often be a decision that seems to be left to the last minute or without any real conscious thought. Site build by Robert Janes.

Damp Camp


Damp Camp, 2016
Posters / 297 x 420 mm / Tape / Workshop
Identity design for Rosemary Ford’s DAMP exhibition ‘Art Holds a High Place in My Life’ as a part of her PHD documenting the work of the Melbourne artist collective, Damp, through exhibitions, installations, talks, and study groups. Developed in collaboration with the DAMP design team.

Imprint Journal


Imprint Journal, 2016
Risograph print / 148 x 210 mm
Design of an insert for the May edition of the quarterly contemporary fine art magazine Imprint Journal. Insert cover design by Emily Floyd. In collaboration with Robert Janes, Beaziyt Worcou, Warren Taylor and Vincent Chan.

Length of an Airhorn

Length of an Airhorn
Video / 1:34
The short bursts of sound an airhorn emits often signifies the beginning and end of an event spanning a fixed duration of time. Here, the length of an airhorn becomes a fixed measure of time.

Local Traffic


Local Traffic 001, 2016
Record label
Label design for Ohwert ‘Untitled’ 12” EP release on Local Traffic. B-side photograph by Sam Berry.

Ned Shannon…

is a graphic designer from Melbourne, Australia. He completed a Bachelor of Communication Design at Monash university in 2016 and is currently interning at Studio SP—GD. Site by Robert Janes. Typeface by Group Group.

Paper Architecture


Paper Architecture, 2016
Folded poster / Two sided / 420 x 594 mm / Two colour risograph print
Design for a poster in response to Branch Studio Architect’s Flyover Gallery. The gallery is a space forming the link between the art and science departments at Caroline Chisholm College. Every material used in the construction of the structure forms the content of the poster.


Rivers, 2015
Video / 0:31
A promotional video advertising Rivers Summer Clogs.

Sample 10


Sample 10, 2016
Sound composition / Field recording / 3:18 / Cover / Booklet / Installation / 7” vinyl
This project explores the relationship of natural and mechanical means of production. The composition was made by manipulating 10 Field recordings in the online program Audio Sauna which was then pressed on a 7” vinyl. The cover was made using the online program Fat Paint and was then printed risograph printed. Exhibited at MADA gallery. Vinyl made by Small Run, edition 1/1.

Weighing the NGV Archive


Weighing the NGV Archive, 2016
Comb bound laser printed publication / 210 x 297 mm / 194 pages
The weight of the National Gallery of Victoria’s archival exhibition ephemera is presented alongside some key factors that may or may not have influenced the amount of material collected for each year. The reader is encouraged to make assumptions about the varying weight. Presented at the Melbourne Art Book Fair 2016. Acquired by the Shaw Research Library, National Gallery of Victoria.